One Billion Rising Youth Task Force 


Nearly 60 youth from all over New York City gathered on November 30th at the Global Kids offices to learn about One Billion Rising, the global campaign to bring an end to violence against women led by V-Day. Over 170 countries are planning events on February 14th, 2013 to dance, strike, and rise as a call to action. Believing in our mission to empower young people to be leaders in their communities, Global Kids made a call for any young people who were interested in leading the New York City youth effort for the campaign. 



The session covered what the campaign is and why is it important. Students reflected on some of the facts that were shared on the One Billion Rising site and came up with three areas of focus: schools, public spaces, and social media. They broke into groups and brainstormed some actions they could take within each area. As a final task they were interested in doing some early social media work by creating gifs that explained why they are rising and supporting the campaign. 


View photos from the session on our flickr album and check out some examples of the gifs the students created by clicking read more! 


GK Leader Shaquille Attends UWC-USA Global Leadership Forum 

Global Kids Leader Shaquille had the opportunity to attend the United World College-USA Global Leadership Forum in New Mexico. As part of the experience, he took part in their Youth Media Program which used digital storytelling to share their experiences and reflections. The youth at the program continue to maintain in contact. A major thank you to actress and activist Rosario Dawson and UWC-USA's Josh Holland for making this happen for Shaquille. Below you will find photos and excerpts from his reflection as well as amazing photos from the trip! 



HungerCraft: Minecraft and The Hunger Games 

This past Saturday May 19, Global Kids in collaboration with the Brooklyn Public Library and The Hive Learning Network NYC conducted a game jam based on the popular game Minecraft and the equally popular books The Hunger Games.


We wanted to show a short video of the game as it happened in Minecraft and some pictures. We will publish a more complete video in the near future with all the participants, including interviews with the youth and partners in the program.  We wanted, however, to acknowledge the success of the program soon after it happened. Click read more to learn more about what took place during the day. 


See video

Visiting E-Line Media 

My experience visiting e-line media was a good thing and that reason is because I wanted to know more information about e-line media how they make the cartoons and were they get ideas from. I found it hard on how they put the codes in order to make the game work. I also found out they have cheats for the game so you could win faster but only e-line knows how to do it.

Trip to E-line Media 

Our trip to E-line Media taught me a lot about the complex process of creating a chapter for Gamestar Mechanic and also about the many different jobs there are at E-line. I learned how each member of E-line contributes something to the finished product, whether it be to the dialogue or the expressions on the characters' faces, and that the process involves a great deal of give and take. In the end, the team at E-line Media will have produced a chapter that along with conveying the right message to the player, is appealing to everyone.

E-Line Trip 

The trip to E-Line was interesting. We learned how they make the challenges and how they do the art work. We learned that they first plan how they want the challenges to teach. It was interesting how they called playing PS3 and Xbox research. The trip was great. They are good with drawing and you can see then how they draw with great ability.

My Epic Experience 

hello fellow bloggers. it is I, Mowdark, who has return from my journey of the E-line dimension and i bring great news. last week, i finally gained access to the source of gamestar mechanic. they baffled me with their calm demeanor and their small but efficient work space. i learned that there was more to a game and a website than we all know. there are codes, formating, artwork, MAGIC!!!!!!!!!!!!....but i digress. all in all they showed me their ancient ways of creating the games we see today as well as the future of gaming. but before i left i didn't leave empty-handed. i was able to learn how to finally make my dream invention become a reality (MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA).
wait whats that?
i have to stay to the topic?!
ok, fine
where was i
oh right.
well i now have a good idea on my game challenge and be warned it won't be easy for any one. so u best be on your toes. (MWAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH *COUGH,COUGH*)

My Experience at Gamestar Mechanic Building 

I liked the building. It was very nice, but had small elevators. Watching them at work was very insightful. Finding the video game systems in their office was interesting to know. I found the programming very interesting. The comic creation was also fun to watch. I was surprised to see that many of their computers used two screens.

E-line Trip 

Last week we visited the E-line media. It was so cool and I couldn't expect it. I learned a lot about Gamestar mechanic. They designed Quest levels and sprites. The sprites are so cool. My favorite sprites are the Naviron sprites. They are so cute! I wish E-line Media can make more sprites and more Quest levels.

Keep it up!

the beginning of the end of the beginning  

behold my latest edition to the future of gaming. but this is only level one