Virtual Video Project

VVP Reflection! 


VVP didn't teach me anything on skills toward my goals because I actually would like to be a school safety agent. My steps towards being a school safety agent is taking classes and the test to actually be in the SSD ( School Safety Division ). When I do school safety for a while i'm also going to take college classes for corrections because in order to do corrections you must have 60 college credits. And you can transfer from school safety to corrections. School safety and corrections has a good salary. Something I did learn in VVP is being in a second life. Second life is a virtual world where you can basically do anything you want. Being on second life is kind of interesting because that's something I never done before. In second life they have avatars that you control in the virtual world. Like the avatars we are using in our 3min clip. The message we want to send in our 3min movie clip is about climate change and how climate change is actually really affecting people in other countries. And I want people to learn from this clip that we need to make a difference. 

VVP Reflection 


Now that we have completed our VVP assignment, I believe that I gained more skills than I thought I would have on day 1. I learned a lot about research, the Second Life program, and many things that go into film making. The biggest thing I took away from participating in VVP was knowing that technology can be used to bring awareness to a topic. With film, we didn't just lecture the audience with tons of information. Instead we created a story and used technology to its full potential to bring awareness to climate change. As a result of watching the film, I would like the viewers to learn that climate change is something real and it affects thousands, if not more people. I would also like the viewers to realize that youth made this film. We came up with the topic, we created the script, and this shows that youth can be a part of making changes in our world.

VVP Reflection 



The skills I developed in VVP help with my understanding of team of work and that you can not always do things on your own. Sometime you need that extra help to get that project down the right way. Also to listen to your peers and take consideration of what they have to say because it might be important. So do not be rude and respect the safe space rule. That is really important. My biggest take away from this program is that I learn how to make a virtual movie with avatars and some cool facts about filming and tricks of the trade such as the 180 degree rule. This film was made to inform all the people in the world about the crisis we all face (health affects from climate change) because we are all one people no matter the race or place you were born. We all need to come together and shape the right and clean future for our next generations to come. 

VVP Reflection 

My participation in VVP has taught me to be more prepared for anything. It has changed my behavior and it has also changed my way of seeing things differently. The biggest take away from being a part of the VVP program was not spending time with my baseball team but at the end of the day, being apart of the VVP program was cooler. What I want people to learn about this film is that we all as a team worked very hard on this film. We also showed the health effects of climate change so what I want people to know is that we can heal the world and make it a better place.

Sound Finding !! 

The most difficult part in finding the sound was that you had to go threw different sounds jus to find the right one. And if that sound don’t fit for the scene you have to continue searching.  Sound Plays a big part in this film because with out sound the film would be dull an not interesting.The skills you need to do this job is patience and dedication.

What is the most difficult part of selecting sounds 

The most difficult part about selecting sounds for a movie is making sure the song is right corrected with the scene.

The Right Sound Effects 


Finding the right sound effect for a movie is very challenging. The most difficult part is choosing the right sound for the characters, and the background sounds. This is the difficult part because you will need to figure out how this sound fits into this scene. Like if it is a sad scene you will need a sad sound that puts you in the mood of that feeling. Sound play has an important role because it puts in the mood of that movie. If there was no sound you wont know what type of feeling is it. You will be bored and not be interested in the movie. To be a professional in movie making, the skills you need is scripting writing skills, storyboarding skills, and become a music supervisor.

Finding Sounds 

The most difficult part of selecting music is that you have to get a song or a piece that is clear and easy to understand. I had to choose sound effects for birds and trees and also music for the closing credits of the movie. It was kind of difficult for me because I had to make sure the sounds were clear enough so the audience will know exactly what they’re listening to. Sounds plays the role of background music as well as emphasizing an action. To do this job professionally, the skills I’ll need are patience and a good ear for good talent.


This is a  colorful picture of sound waves by

VVP 3 

Today we have worked hard on selecting music and sound affects for the film. The most difficult part of this is selecting which song has the perfect feeling for the scene. Its is also difficult finding sounds that are good quality. I believe that the sound effects and music in a film can allow the audience to figure out what may hapen next. It also eliminates the akward silent parts. If I were to do this as a career, I would need to listen to a lot of music. I would also need to infer what type of music is good for the scene in the movie, video game, etc.

VVP Week 2 

As the second week of VVP began, my eagerness to see the final result only increased. So far I've worked with a lot of new technology. I learned that technology can be used as a platform to make changes or to get a message accross to a group of people. I also learned a lot about the film making process. For examle, I leaned that in order to make things sound realistic we can use different sound effects. That has actually been my fvrite part so far because I get a sense of what the film will eventually sound like.