Virtual Video Project


Heyy Everyone , This is VVP Big Week. Where Finallizing Our 3min Clip on Climate change this week. Im So Excited. I Just Cant Wait to See The Finishing touches On the Clip.  My Favrite Part Of This Film-making Process is That i Really Got to interact with everyone.


                             STAY TUNED FOR OUR BIG PREMIERE!

Film-Making & Me  

FIlm-making is something new and interesting for me. Looking for sounds and music was the part that I liked most. Although there were a few times where I couldnt find exactly what I was looking for, with the help of the people in my group, I got the job done. This week I'm mostly excitd about how the video will turn out. I'm excited to get paid too but I still would like to see the end result of all our hardwork. We only had two weeks to work on it but it'll be cool to see it all come together.



Flim Making!!! 

My favorite part about film making is searching for sound effects. I know its wierd but its very fun to figure out what kind of sounds effects we should put in the movies. My favorite part was listening to every sound until you hear the right one. This is fun because some sounds are wierd and funny and it makes you laugh. What I am looking forward about this week is definitely getting paid and also finishing the movie. I can't wait to see the finishing touches of this movie and showing it to  everyone.


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Done With Week 1 at VVP! 



Day Four Complete!


The past two days have seen the completion of our script, the creation of our storyboard and the assigning of roles in the film. It has been extremely busy, but definitely filled with lots of laughter, excitement, and collaboration. Youth received their parts in the film and practiced bringing emotion to their lines. As one student said, "you have to feel the character" in order to bring it to life. The students did a great job at infusing their characters with personality and making sure that they do justice to the important issues they are tackling. I feel honored and proud to work with such a talented and invested group of students.


I am very excited for what next week brings!



My virtual Story 

 My first day at global kids, I was anxious and excited not knowing what to expect for the summer. As we began for the week we learned that we would be doing a Virtual video project I didnt know what that was but it did sound cool lol. So we began to chat with russell in scotland, he taught us alot abt v.v.p and how to produce the film. we began exploring on second life, chatting and meeting new people. The most coolest thing happened to me while i was on second life, i saw a nice nice all white lamborgini gallardo. i opened the door of the car thinking im goin to look so cool driving this down the street and get alot of attention but i found out that i couldnt get inside the car -_- .  My experience with the video project is very interesting and im looking forward to how it will come out. But most importantly i want people to learn from our video and see the message we are trying to put forth. we worked hard and hard work always pays off.






VVP 2012 

The transition from student to script writer, researcher, and a Second Life user has been a great experience. I've learned so much about what it takes to create a film that delives a message. So far in VVP, my peers and I have agreed to tackle the issue of climate change and how it affects human health. We also decided to do this in the form of a 3 minute film using an online virtual program called Second Life. A part of us have been workng on becoming comfortable with using the Second Life program, while the rest of us have been working on writing the script and doing research. Through this we have gained the skill to choose reliable sources for research and write a script using the Celtx website. My favorite part so far has been learning about the techniques that we can use while shooting video with a camera. I also really enjoyed learning about voice acting. I'm really excited for what else is in stored. I can't wait to see the finished product.


                                                                                    - Javon 


Script Writing is AWESOME!!! 

So far in VVP (Virtual Video Project) it is going awesome. I learned so much; from writing a professional script and learning advanced skills in second life. Before I joined VVP I didnt how to write a script . Now I feel like one of  the professional writers that writes movies and shows. Now I know how they feel when writing a script. It takes critical thinking, creativity, and patience to write a script. It's very fun and exciting. For second life, I knew about second but didnt really went into technical stuff, so it was really cool learning these skills.





HEYYYY Everyone My Name is Crystal , I'm a New Memeber Of VVP. I Would Like to Share My Exprience Here So Far. I Learned a Few New Things Since I Arrived On July 9. I've Learned How to Script Write and I've Also Learned Things in a Virtual World Called Second Life. Being Here At Global Kids Can Help Me in My Future Life Just incase I Would Like to Be a Voice actor or an actual script writer . FYI: I Have The Grey and Orange Shirt On.

First TIme With VVP 

My experience with VVP is going good so far. Since I've been here, I learned how to write a script to a virtual movie. Before this program I have never written a script. This experience has been fun as well as hardwork. I can honestly see myself writing a script in the near future. In the video i'll be looking forward to an entertaining video as well as getting the point across about climate change.

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This is a picture of what an avatar can look like. However, in this picture the person who created it chose to make the avatar have similar features to their own.


My Experience in VVP So Far 

   Hello everyone, I've had so fun so far in VVP. I have learned alot about what we will be doing in the program, such as machinima wich is machine cinima and what we will be making in VVP. It was great learning about machinima from  Rusell who lives in Scottland, though sometimes I did not undrstand what he was saying. But I did understand what was important. He also taught us how to play in second life where we will be making the machinima, I did get lost a few time but in the end I finally got it.     



  This is a picture of our second life avatars and Russel teaching us how to dance in the game.    


We picked our topic for the video wich was health effects due to climate change, and researched the causes and effects of it. Also played a game to learn more about it, and my team won ( Just saying ).