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[VVP] spotlights the Discovered movie 

Amanda Kloer writing for recently wrote up a spontlight on the latest VVP machinima movie release of Discovered for the "End Human Trafficking" section of their site.

You can read the post below or directly on here.


[vvp] Global Kids Machinima "Discovered" Now Online! 

After tonight's successful public premiere of the Virtual Video Project's 2009 film "Discovered" at the Sony Wonder Theater, we are proud to announce the online release of this serious issue machinima. Created by 15 Global Kids teen leaders over the course of the school year, they decided on the subject matter, wrote the script, created the avatars, recorded the voices, shot the footage, and edited the final cut you see here.

We are so proud of our GK filmmakers for their amazing work, creativity, and commitment on this project! Read more about "Discovered" and the Virtual Video Project here.

[vvp/teen] Final Blog! 

It's been a long year, but I still find it hard to believe it's over. I've had a lot of fun and I've met a lot of interesting people. I think the thing that I'll miss most of all is riding in the air-conditioned train, back and forth to the GK office. emoticon_tongue.png Learning to get around in Second LifeSL-icon.jpg was also an experience I'll never forget. There was a lot of lag which got in the way of maneuvering on Machinima Island. Customization of our avatars was also fun. There were extremes in editing, you could make your eyes really big or really small. I'll really miss coming to this program twice a week. I know I'll be really bored this summer while I'm away.

[vvp/teen] Last Blog 

*sigh* Today is our last day to hang out together. I'm not feeling sad nor happy. Just content. When I first joined GK, I was thinking I would be talking more than I should be.

Please check out our movie at
Showing only today in person at the Sony Wonderlab at 6pm

[vvp/teen] Thank you all 

Hello everyone! This is my last blog. I just want to say to everyone thank you for being there for me in some way or another. I want to thank GK for giving me the chance to be a part of the program...I feel better knowing that I gained the skills to make videos and then edit them, I also learned good speaking skills to a public crowd. Shout out to Chris R, S.R., Luis R. and GK...yeah, bye everyone!biggrin.gif

[vvp/teen] the last entry 

This is my last blog of the year and I hope that the movie at the Sony Wonderlab will be even better than last year's movie, when I also participated

[vvp/teen] last blog =0 

I can't believe this final chapter is coming to a close. So many people, so many memories. And I loved every moment of it! I loved the shirts we got too. Even though it's so hot i think it's worth it. I'm gonna miss everyone.

[vvp/teen] The last one! 

Today is the official last day of VVP! I can't believe it's here already. It seems like yesterday that Sabina told me to apply for VVP to complete my community service! The experience was amazing. I still can't believe that we all came up with the script, characterized the avatars, shot the scenes, and edited. I hope people like the movie, because everyone involved worked so hard on it. Meeting Linette was awesome, too. Every time after session, we would just walk around for like 30 blocks. It was excruciating, but fun. I hope I don't lose touch with the people I met here.

[vvp/teen] The last day 

WOW!!!!! the movie premiere is finally here and it's so exciting. Now that this day is here I know that I am going to miss everyone. This was actually a fun experience and something that I will never forget. The movie premiere is going to be a fun day.

[vvp/teen] Premiere of Discovered 

After a year long toil, we have finally made it. I am very excited for the premier of the movie. We have already shown in some private screenings, but an all out premier to our movie has not been shown. I have been to the Sony theater before and from prior experience, I found it a very fun experience.

I am disappointing that VVP is ending, I have learned to trust many of the friends I made in VVP and I feel happy leaving. I still hope for the best for today's premier!