Virtual Video Project

[vvp/teen] LAST BLOG 

Today July 1st, VVP is hosting the premiere of our movie Discovered. It will be at the Sony Wonder Lab. I was kinda nervous but excited. biggrin.gif VVP has been very fun and I hope to be in the program next year. The movie is really good and I hope others will like it.

Movie Poster for "Discovered" VVP Machinima FilmJust a reminder that tomorrow, July 1, fifteen New York public high school students will premiere their film Discovered. Discovered is a digital "machinima" film produced in Second Life that explores the powerful issue of child sex trafficking through the fictional story of one Mexican teenager. This is the final product of a year-long, intensive digital filmmaking program called the Virtual Video Project (VVP), an after-school program conducted by Global Kids, Inc in NYC. The students gathered regularly during the past year to learn about film production, human rights, and virtual worlds, culminating in a serious issue machinima film produced entirely by the youth filmmakers.

Come to the premiere of Discovered to meet the youth filmmakers and discover how digital film can be used for global issue awareness and civic engagement.

[In the Media] GK Youth Leader Nafiza Featured on Edutopia Online 

GK's own youth leader Nafiza was chosen to be part of Edutopia's online Youth Portraits series, in which they feature the digital worlds of various teens.

Digital Youth Portrait: Nafiza

[vvp/teen] The End? 

We've finally finished filming and editing the film! It took us several months to make it, but we're officially done! I think we've done a good job. The film is loaded with facts and research. We'll be screening it officially next month, and I can't wait to show the world our hard work! :D

[vvp/teen] "Discovered" 

Wow... who knew that the word I used in a brainstorm would turn out to be the title of our whole video project! I'm really excited to get some publicity and I'm really proud of all the work we all got done.


[vvp/teen] The Movie Is Finally Done 

hi ^_^
Guess what!!! We're done with the movie; after all of the hard work we have done we finally finished. Everything is put together and looks great, we have music in some scenes which put those scenes together very nicely. The music being used is very catchy and the story is easy to follow, which makes me think that people are going to like the movie. OUR HARD WORK IS FINALLY GONNA BE SEEN!!! =]

[vpp/teen] Movie Screening 

I liked the movie a lot...I hope this movie can go on the BIG screen.I want the food to be amazing too. I feel like we can reach a lot of people with our movie.

[vvp/teen] Movie Finish Finale 

Up to now we have been furiously working on the finishing touches on the video, reviewing it every session, we are making our way to the perfection we seek. Getting ever closer to the premiere of the movie at the Sony Center. I am very excited to see the showing, and I cannot wait to see how the audience will react to it.

[vvp/teen] Evin's Blog 

I can't believe how far we've gotten. All this time we've spent on this movie. I just can't wait to show the world. I really hope it puts a strong message on sex trafficking. I'm really glad to have entered the program and for all of these times are great =]. I can't wait to see the expressions on everyone's face.