Virtual Video Project

[vvp/teen] Final Result 

Finishing the movie was a great experience. It has been even better than before and believe the movie will be the best one yet. Every time coming to GK has been great and meeting people from different schools, working together for the finale result has proven that teens can work together with technology without getting distracted by things like music, videos and games.

[vvp/teen] Movie Stuff 

I want the movie at Sony to be real fun. I want for my friends to enjoy it and have a good time. I'm looking forward to the next movie and I want the whole world to see the movie.

[vvp/teen] June 2 

Today we watched the movie again :) The edits made the movie look more wonderful. Next Thursday we don't have school but I have to come to the office to go to a rally. Racing rally? I cant run to save myself XD I hope it's some contest instead... like a drawing contest! *_*
july 1st is the day when the movie is being shown in the cinemas. :) Very exciting.

[vvp/teen] Almost the End 

So VVP is done with the movie.biggrin.gif We still need to edit some minor things but for the most part we're done!! The screening will be July 1st. I think the movie overall is pretty great. I think the experience was great. I can't believe it's June 2. I wish I could do another movie with VVP next year!

[vvp/teen] Movie is DONE!!! 

YAY! We're finally done with the movie.
I'm pleased that even though we rushed, the message of the movie was not disrupted.
I was kind of worried that in a large group, we might not get as much done, but I was wrong.
I really think that this movie, while it is not too serious, document-like, it still sends a clear message to the viewers.
Hopefully, in the next four sessions that we have left (T.T), the footage will become clearer. laughing.gif
So all of you should watch our movie, "Discovered". It's about child-sex trafficking victim, Thalia, and her journey and unfortunate experience in the child-sex trafficking industry that is worldwide.

[vvp/teens] IM GOING TO MISS Y'ALL 

With all my time here I've met tons of people. People I've come close with and worked with also. With all the time we have spent on this program it's been fun. When we leave from this program I will truly miss everyone here =]

[vvp/teen] My Part of the Movie 

When you're making a movie you have different sections of different things you need to get done. Since we are almost done with our movie, people are editing scenes or doing some promotional stuff. In the promotional team, you record a little clip about what the movie is about and a few facts about our topic, child sex trafficking. Me and two other girls are making fliers to distribute to our friends and family, to make sure people know about the screening of our movie. The movie will be screened at the Sony Wonder Lab.

[vvp/teen] fliming process 

Hello Everyone,

During the last couple of weeks I have been on the filming crew. The filming process is intense, the main reason is because people become very frustrated when Second Life has lag (even though it didn't bother me much ^_^). There is one scene in particular where we had so much lag that everyone was just laughing, it was the scene when the swat team was invading the brothel.
I prefer to film because I get to see how everything would look in a rough copy and like to see the ending result after people finish editing it. I consider it hard work but I actually don't mind it because it is worth the end result (also someone has to do it =]).

[vvp/teens] It's Almost Done! 

I can't believe the VVP movie is almost done. It feels like yesterday that we were just discussing the topics. Time definitely flies by very fast. The movie is going to come out absolutely amazing; I can't wait until July 1st to see the final outcome. The issue of human trafficking isn't very publicized; I want to see if our movie actually has an effect and whether or not people will actually do something about it.
Not only has VVP been amazing but the what Global Kids has given me throughout the year, has been, too. The National Service Learning Conference in Nashville, Tennessee was awesome. It was one of my favorite trips. Because of the annual conference and retreat, I met a lot of new people. I plan on continuing with Global Kids next year!

[vvp/teen] Discovered 

We're almost done with our movie on child sex trafficking! Basically, we're done with the intense editing and right now we're just tweaking whatever we've got. It's a little frustrating when we've got to redo some audio or re-shoot some scene in Second Life, but all-in-all, it's totally worth it! This has been the greatest experience of my life, like... ever!