Virtual Video Project

[vvp/teen] Hands On Machinima 

This new movie we're working on is turning out to be really fun. We were each able to have our own part in the creation of the movie. From editing the scenes to being the actors themselves, we all have a hand in the process. The filming was a complex process even though it might look simple on the outside.

I had quite an experience with the movie making process. The editing was a hard part because of the amount of work needed to make the scene as perfect as possible. The filming was also a great experience, as I was able to get into a position where I had to cue the various actors to do their parts in my scene. Also being the actor is very fun, being able to watch your character be filmed then see them from a different angle in a more cinematic view is quite a pleasure.

Overall the movie making process is quickly coming to a close, and hopefully our premiere of the movie will generate many positive views on our movie. It is a little bit of a shame that the many viewers of our movie will not see the large amount of work behind the scenes that we have done, but it is still a pleasure to see that our movie is coming together.

[vvp/teen] Movie Hit 

This is the first time we got to get the whole film done. The whole movie was hard to make because of the whole editing. It was a killer, do this and do that. Even fix this and fix that it was such a drag. i hated it but, in the end it made the movie great. it was something I never did before and I would do it again.

It was a hard job to do but in the end I couldn't do it without my friends. They had help me move along on this long program. I think without them I couldn't move alone and I would never get anything done so its great to have friends to help :)

[vvp/teen] Done with filming 

On Thursday, the VVP teens finally finished filming our scenes for the movie. It took so long to shoot one scene. Second Life kept crashing while we were filiming so we had to hope and wait to get started. Filming isn't easy but it was fun. Now we have to finish editing all our scenes and add sound effects and other stuff we need.

[vvp/teen] Editing 

It is so difficult to understand sometimes. Like the times in math class, I know the teacher is explaining problems correctly, but I can't understand a word she is saying. Numbers have never been my thing. if I'm feeling pressured I just can't concentrate. When I'm getting instructions for editing a scene, it kind of goes in one ear and out the other sometimes, so I have to ask the GK adults to explain again. I hope I get the scene right today.

[vvp/teen] Mets game 

Tabitha had 20 tickets to the Mets game, so i tagged along with her and with some GK kids, Megan, Jessy Jo, and Abraham. On our way into the subway, we met up with Tabitha's boyfriend, Tom!! He was very friendly. Then when we got to the stadium, Tabitha's other friends came.

This was my first time going to see a baseball game so I was very nervous. When I saw the field, my eyes popped! I thought it was a painting at first. The game was exciting and I can't believe there were so many home runs.

Thanks Tabitha for buying us fries, pretzels and bringing us to the game!!! :D

[vvp/teen] Mets baseball game 

During my last vvp session this past Friday, one of my trainers Tabitha invited all of VVP students to a Mets game! She had extra tickets and was generous enough to share the joy. Even though I'm more of a Yankee fan than a Mets fan, I was excited to go because it was my first baseball game, ever!

I had a blast at the game, and before we left, we all got to sing Take Me Out to the Ball Game with the crowd. I enjoyed seeing all of us singing and just having a good time. biggrin.gif


[VVP/teen] filming & recording 

So today, we did our first voice recording and filming. I thought that voice recording would be easy but it is really hard to get emotional as the character's emotions. My voice just comes out dull and plain. Also, the filming process is harder than I thought. Everyone has to work together in Second Life, and unfortunately, Second Life lags A LOT. For a 5 second scene, my group probably spent about half an hour trying to find the right positionsbiggrin.gif. Hopefully the pace speeds up soon and we'll be able to finish filming by June.

[vvp/teen] The movie "Taken" 

Today for VVP, we went to see the movie "Taken" starring Liam Neeson, after our long session. At first I was a little worried that the movie would be scary but it wasn't at all. The movie was basically about sex trafficking. Seeing the movie gave us a lot of ideas we can possibly put into our movie. One thing that I liked was seeing the father of the girl victim looking for his daughter, and he knew who to talk to in order to find his daughter. There was a lot of action throughout the movie.
Stuff we could put into our movie: Well, the traffickers dressed up just like any other person in the city. The traffickers were never alone. Some of the traffickers had beards. The victims were tied to their beds. I thought they were just put into a room where they could walk around and talk to the other girls, but not quite so.

In fact, the victims were drugged up the whole time. I thought that they would know what was happening to them but they didn't know what was going on around them at all...
The victims wore rags and not even revealing clothing like most people thought. The movie also said something like, someone has 96 hours for a chance to be found after they're taken/kidnapped.

[teen/vvp] Crunch Time 

Today, during spring break we came in to start revising some scenes. It's crunch time at GK and we really have to hurry up and get this movie finished, being that the program is over at the end of May. I can't wait to see the final production of the movie and see how all our hard work had paid

[vvp/teen] Global Kids Movie 

The movie is coming along in VVP. I am enjoying making a movie on human sex trafficking. It has come to my attention that human trafficking had been happening in my very own backyard. People ignore the fact that sex trafficking is a big thing, and if their child is missing she/he maybe a trafficked victim. This makes me afraid for my life because one day I may be going to school and the next on the way to another country. Out of this film I hope to inform others on the works of sex trafficking.