Virtual Video Project

[teen/VVP] My name is Brandon 

Hi my name is Brandon, its about 8:30 so I'm going to talk fast. Today at Second Life we learned how to talk to other people. We also did a scavenger hunt and saw the animals and objects like pizza in Second Life. This is what we did itoday.

See you later.

[VVP] Welcome Machinima Students! 

This is my first blog to Holy Meatballs, and wow, is it fun. Just think: Lots of people around the world are going to be able to read about me talking about how they're reading about me talking about them!!! How cool is that?

[sl/p4k/mac] They Found Each Other! 

It amazes me that I can still be amazed by Second Life. After eleven months in this space you would think we would have experienced it all by now. But no...

Yesterday we took the Playing 4 Keeps students into Second Life for the first time. You can read what Lithelson had to say about it, even though his TSL account was not available until this morning. Then this afternoon we took the machinima students in to Second Life for the first time.

Okay, that's it. End of day. Time to go home.

At home, I needed to go into TSL to work on the Darfur Photo exhibit. However, I was not in for ten seconds when I received one, two, then a third IM, from that number of GK Leaders. They were all teens from the Machinima program, that I had just left a few hours earlier. One by one they were logging in, I presume from home.

I found where most were gathering, where I last left them, at the entrance to the maze. And there was another GK Leader, Lithelson, the one from Playing 4 Keeps. There he was standing in front of me, surrounded by other "Gkids", none knowing who the others were.

I explained that all Gkids, who are not staff, are other Global Kids Leaders. Then they met each other.

[vvp] Machinima GK Leaders Enter SL For First Time 

This afternoon the Global Kids Leaders at the Museum of the Moving Image, learning about global issues and machinima through TSL, embodied their avatars for the first time. They learned how to "talk and walk". Below are some photos of their first few minutes, as they learned to change their avatar.

I look forward to returning to these photos with these GK Leaders in a month or two once they not only created their own particular look for their personal avatars but come to identify with it so closely that the images above will appear alien to them.

[Machinima] Application for new Machinima program released 

Global Kids Online Leadership Program

Attention teachers, educators, and students!

As part of an exciting new collaboration, Global Kids will work with 20 students at the Museum of Moving Image in Astoria, Queens during the 2006-2007 school year, on a groundbreaking digital moviemaking project. Students will have the unique opportunity to learn a variety of skills that will empower them to become critical thinkers, media producers, and global citizens. Participants will create their own virtual films in a supervised, teen-only area of Second Life (, a three-dimensional, interactive, animated online community. Students will examine important social issues and create their own animated films about them. Working with recognized experts and leaders in the field of online virtual environments, students will participate in digital culture in a hands-on, thoughtful way. At the conclusion of the year-long program, students will distribute their films on the Internet, showcase them at a museum film festival, submit them to youth-media festivals and organizations, and screen them at their schools.