Virtual Video Project

[vvp/teen] Movie Progress and My Avatar 

Our storyline and dialogues are almost finished. The VVP teens have established a pretty solid story, we just have to add in a few scenes to the story and clean it up a bit. I'm looking for places in Second Life to shoot and buy stuff (props, clothing, etc). I think I know where I would want to film the movie. I just have to wait till we're up to the filming part. biggrin.gif
Also great news.... my avatar is back to normal. For the past couple of months i have been a "ghost- cloud thing". I just clicked the put one of the buttons in my inventory and then my avatar figure appeared. I was so happy!!! And kind of dumbfounded that a simple click could just fix my avatar and not before. I think it was fixed but I never tried to do anything.

We still need an ending and we still need more props.
Keep up the good work everybody!!

[VVP] Educational uses of machinima 

Global Kids was featured in a recent post on the site Media Rights focusing on the diverse uses of machinima. Below is the section discussing our work under education.

Machinima and Education

Meet Global Kids, a New York-based nationally recognized leader in utilizing digital media to promote global awareness and youth civic leadership. Global Kids draws participants from twelve high schools for its after school virtual video project where students produce machinima in Teen Second Life, a sister site to Second Life that restricts access to users 13-15-years-old.

Students meet at the start of the school year to discuss global issues and travel to virtual international locations that would otherwise be cost prohibitive.

Rik Panganiban, Online Leadership Program Associate, says, “For example when discussing possible scripts students can start in a bazaar in Cairo.

“They have to think about what assets (sets and props) they will need to do that. They have to do research to learn what would be the right outfit, what sounds would we hear, what language would be spoken.”

Panganiban says in this collaborative environment the traditional top-down education model of teacher-to-student dynamic is replaced with peer-to-peer learning.

More information on Child Sex Trafficking 

I did more research online (, and I found that much of child exploitation is domestic. Some of the youths runaway and rebel, and then they become targets of sexual exploitation. It was disturbing how sex tourism is linked with sexual exploitation, and that these are grown adults with professional jobs who seek this kind of inhumanity.

[vvp/teen] Gathering information 

I haven't been to VVP for about 2 weeks now, but now I am back. I've been informed that my peers have chosen a character for the human trafficking movie project, and the plot is coming along very well. We divided into four groups. The Second Life (looking up settings, props and costumes) group, Victims' group, Traffickers group, and something else I forgot...

So far, I love where this is going. The plot came out better than I thought. The police or investigators found a dairy of a victim who is no where to be found, and that's all I'm sharing.

[vvp/teen] Splitting Up The Work 

To divide up the story and movie making process, the VVP teens split up into four groups. The Victim group researches, tells and writes the story of the victim. The Trafficker and the Justice group do the same for either the traffickers or justice people. My group is the Second Life group. We have to gather anything we need in Second Life to make the movie and also create the scenery and characters. I picked to be in the Second Life group because Second Life is fun and I want to learn more about it. cool.gif

[vvp/teen] human trafficking project 

Currently at VVP, we are working on our topic of human trafficking for our machinima final project. I found out that human trafficking even goes on in Craigslist! I never even heard of this topic until I came to VVP and now that I know of it, it really does get to me sometimes. I think its horrible and people, especially young girls shouldn't go through it. Me and the GK kids are really interested and concerned and I think that this final project is going to be a great and I hope it gets noticed more.

[vvp/teen] Sex Trafficking 

We are starting to work on our topic for the machinima. The topic is sex trafficking. I believe that sex trafficking is destroying our country little by little and people do not recognize that the problem is right in their backyards. This is disappointing because many people around this country know that kids have been kidnapped and can be used for something like sex trafficking. They could be across the country or even around the world. Human trafficking makes me sicksick.gif

[vvp/teen] Why I Chose Human Trafficking 

I chose human trafficking because I find it to be an interesting topic that I personally saw on tv for some time. I had also picked human trafficking because I think it should be shown as not an international problem but a problem also close to home.

[vvp/teen] My Motivation 

The current movie we have planned to create is about human sex trafficking. I think this is a huge problem that currently stains our society. It effects many teens and adults who are close to my age. For example, we witnessed some stories about victims of sex trafficking. Many of these were in very odd locations to think about. While the mainstream person might think that trafficking takes place only in third world countries, they're wrong. Trafficking takes place in a variety of locations, including some locations in the US itself! For many people, including me, it is a shock to find out that these terrible actions are taking place so close to home. I think people should be informed so that eventually, we can have a higher awareness of this currently large problem we face.

[vvp/teen] Child-Sex Trafficking 

I want the final movie to be on child-sex trafficking because I think more people should be aware that it is the second largest crime in the world. When I ask people, "Do you know what it means to be trafficked?", the usual reply I get is "No". I want the usual reply to be "Yes! I know what that means and I want to help to make a difference."