Amira and Rik were recently interviewed by DK for his MediaSnackers vodcast during his tour of the eastern United States. They give an overview of Global Kids and our interest in digital media and virtual worlds and discuss in-depth what RezEd is all about. So nice to get to hang out in person with DK, our podcast partner across the pond!

[RezEd] RezEd Report Now Available Online! 

The RezEd seasonal report summarizes the cutting edge activities and discussions of educators in the RezEd community. RezEd's inaugural report offers a special feature on Ethics and Virtual Worlds by a team from Harvard University's GoodPlay Project. The report also highlights podcasts and best practices on the educational uses of Second Life, Dizzywood, and Quest Atlantis.

[rezed] DK of MediaSnackers visits the Global Kids offices 

DK visits Global Kids with Rik and Amira
Amira and I were pleased to welcome our RezEd podcast partner DK to the Global Kids offices today, taking advantage of DK's east coast trip from his home in Wales. DK is a fantastic podcast producer, head of the new media company MediaSnackers.

DK was a font of knowledge about various Web2.0 tools to do our jobs more efficiently, from mindmaps to project management to slideshows. Along the way, we recorded a video podcast for MediaSnackers, talking about Global Kids and RezEd.

It's always fun connecting in person with one of our partners. Working via Skype and email has its advantages, but you don't get to sit in the park and eat burgers and fries together, like we did today!

[RezEd] Praises for the Release of our SL Curriculum 

We got a great mention recently on the Second Life Education blog about not only the release of our GK Second Life Curriculum, but on our latest RezEd podcast episode. Thanks Scott!

Um, two things, pilgrims:

The Global Kids Second Life Curriculum (three handy freely downloadable .pdf files) may be picked up at RezEd now and I’m tickled to be about to open up my copies right after I hit the “Publish” button on this post. Go get yours.

Secondly, you can be downloading those documents at the same time you’re listening to Sarah (Intellagirl Tulley) Robbins’ marvelous interview at the RezEd podcast number 14. I’m roflmao at her clearing up some general misconceptions about Second Life’s demographic. “About time,” says your resident oldie. Ditto about her chiding corporations who plowed money into SL without critical thought about their investment or the most effective use of the platform for best return on implementation. “That’s not Second Life’s fault: It’s your fault! ‘Cause you didn’t do it right!” Heheheheeee.

Kudos to Intellagirl and to the GK folks for all their hard work!

Written by Scott Merrick

You can also read the full post here.

[RezEd] Post Conference SL Curriculum Release Buzz 

Since Barry Joseph's keynotes at the two recent conferences, Virtual Worlds LA and SLCC, and the announcement of the release of GK's Second Life curriculum, we have been getting a lot of buzz lately in the blogosphere.

Some of the sites talking:

  • A post on Caleb Booker's site focusing on business and virtual worlds site here.
  • Kelly (from Eye4You Alliance) blogged about us and gave a shout out to Barry's SLCC talk too here.
  • The Wall Street Journal's MarketWatch posted an article here.
  • HASTAC blogged about the release of our SL Curriculum here.
  • The blog Second Life Update featured a post on the curriculum here.

[In the Media] Barry on recent episode of YALSA podcast series 

The Young Adult Library Services Association featured Barry in a recent episode of their podcast series.

In this podcast Linda Braun talks with Barry Joseph and Amira Fouad (of Global Kids and RezEd) about topics related to teens, gaming, education, and virtual worlds.

Download the YALSA Podcast #54 - Global Kids & RezEd podcast mp3

Today, Global Kids’ Online Leadership Director Barry Joseph will speak to leaders in digital media and education at the Virtual Worlds Conference and Expo held at the Los Angeles Convention Center to be followed on the following Saturday, September 5th, with Joseph providing the educational keynote at the annual Second Life Community Convention in Tampa, Florida. At both, Joseph will showcase the launch of Global Kids Second Life Curriculum — the most significant resource in 2008 for those educators interested in incorporating virtual worlds into their classrooms.

Global Kids Second Life Curriculum, available the first week of September at, contains over 160 lesson plans for teaching the basics of Second Life, whether in a classroom, a library, or at home. The curriculum is available at no cost and is designed to be adaptable by practitioners for a variety of uses, from teaching science, to literature to global studies.

The full press release follows...

[In the Media] RezEd podcast is a must listen! 

Scott Merrick showered the RezEd podcast series with some wonderful comments and specially highlighted episode 11. Thanks Scott!

All the RezEd podcasts are great, but this one, "...featuring an interview conducted by Barry Joseph of Global Kids at the recent GLS Conference with a mother and son about their experience and focus on virtual worlds," is absolutely jaw-dropping. Granted that this is a remarkable pair of humans, this mother and son: She's Elizabeth Lane Lawley, Director of the School for Social Computing at the Rochester Institute of Technology and he's her son, Lane, "an avid Second Life coder, very interested in virtual world programming and also a player of many different kinds of games and a math and programming wiz." After listening to this episode, tell me you don't want to pull your sons and daughters out of school and let them find their passion and pursue it with your guidance. Or better yet, use remarkable conversation records like this to convince your administration(s) to allow you to bring these remarkable opportunities to your students in our established but necessarily changing academic institutions.

To read his full post, click here.

August 25th RezEd Update 

This is the August 25, 2008 RezEd Update to let you know what is new on RezEd: The Hub for Learning and Virtual Worlds.. Featured news:

  • RezEd in Print Coming Out September 2008: Ethics & Virtual Worlds

  • This Week's Podcast featuring Jonathon Richter
  • This week's Best Practice: "Bringing Virtual Worlds into the Classroom through the Backdoor: After School"
  • This week's featured discussion: Examples of Educators Living the Ludic Life
  • Call for Best Practice
  • Global Kids Second Life Curriculum

    Hit the jump for the full RezEd update...

    RezEd in Print Coming Out September 2008: Ethics & Virtual Worlds

    RezEd is proud to announce that the preview of its first print edition will be released at SLEDcc and the Virtual Worlds Expo next month!
    This edition will share the thoughts of dozens of practitioners and experts from the field weighing in on the issue of Ethics and Virtual Worlds.
    The full edition of RezEd Report Volume 1 will be available September 29th.


    This week on RezEd:

  • From the July 30th article in eSchool News, comes a great post entitled, "RezEd is educators' real ticket to virtual worlds" not just on but Global Kids, virtual worlds and education.

    Web site offers visitors resources on everything virtual

    By Meris Stansbury, Assistant Editor, eSchool News

    For those educators and tech-savvy explorers ready to take on the growing frontier of virtual worlds, a new hub--RezED--now exists to make the journey to alternative realities a little easier.

    Launched in beta mid-March, RezEd is a comprehensive resource on everything virtual for educators, students, and those simply interested in what these increasingly popular 3D worlds are all about.