Science in Second Life

[HSGC]global science 

one thing i want to say about learning global science through second life is that it was a fun experience, and i never thought global science can be so fun to learn now it's easier for me to know what are some global issues.using global science for my project is very fun,and it helped me alot doing the project.i would recommend this style of learning to others because if they are not understanding something they could understand it now.


Learning in second life was fun and it taught me a lot of things because its learning and having fun instead of just learning and being bored. Using second life for my project was kind of complicated. I was complicated because you have to go around getting information and sometimes it didn't work. Yes i would recommend it because its easier to find information.


[hsgc] final class 

Using second life to learn science was a fun experience, i would most definitely recommend it to other people. I got to learn science is a fun way. and still get education.


{HSGC}What I Learned???? 

My experience in this class is one to remember. Using Science in Second Life made it a lot easier for me to do projects and homework. In class instead of just writing every day we would use the computer to type our notes, look up information, and sometimes get pictures to do class work and homework. If someone asked me how i felt about this class and if they should join this class i would tell them yes because it's a great experience and to get to learn more then you know cool.gif




One thing i can say about second life is it is very exciting and very entertaining, and to be able to do my project on it is great. I would recommend this style of learning to anyone who loves science and online games. It would appeal to what they like.

[HSGC]goodbye second life 

i have learned many things in second life. but in my final project, i wus required to do reasearch about hybrid cars and put it onto a bill board. i would recommend this style of learning to others because it is an interesting way to learn science.

hybrid cars..demetra


One thing i learned about science in second life is that science is real not that hard i all ways thought i can't do this but know i learn so much like sustainability and how i can help to make our earth better recycle and renewable in non- renewable.If i can do this again i will. i learn so much i never knew i was this smart but i would not tell anyone about this because if there are no student i can attend this program again.


[HSGC] Second Life Reflection 

Learning global science through Second Life was a great experience. I would recommend this program to other teachers and student because it shows science in a whole different way. You also get to learn certain computer skills like typing. It helped me with my final project, because of all the information that I learned while I was in Second Life about sustainability.

Shabede's final project

[HSGC]last blog 

i think learning science in second life was very fun and educational. i think that it was fun because we got to do something different instead of reading a regular text book. it was also educational because we learned science while we were having fun and me personaly i learned how to type better by using the computer
if i was to recommend it to anybody i would because it was a fun and exciting experience and i will miss it very much./Users/student/Desktop/2573167974_de1b863e60_m.jpg