Science in Second Life

[HSCG] things you want to say about the final project. 

Well by doing this project I learned new things that didn't know before and things that I wasn't sure about it. My project was about wind electricity, I learned how wind can be turned into electricity and how that helps sustainability. I will recommend people to use less electricity because if we want to to help our sustainability we should use less electricity and us e less gasoline so that will help you too because you wont spent a lot of money than you used to pay.

{HSGC}Last Reflections 

One thing about learning global science through second life is that it was fun and both a great learning experience. I learned multiple topics from it such as the Naples project, sustainability, photovoltaic solar cells, etc. Using it for my final project was both interesting and challenging. Yes, I would recommend this learning style to others especially if they enjoy working on computers. I would recommend this style to others because I enjoyed going on second life to do science.

{HSGC}Experince in Second Life 

This Experince in second life was good and hard at the same time The projects was tough ,but i learned a lot of things.It helped me understand science more it could help anyone better understand science .I did not like Science before i did this course .I wish i could have second life in each class.This is an the most amazing thing that I've expreince i high school so far.I would recommend this style of learning to everyone .

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[HSGC]My Secondlife experience 

During this last semester I had a lot of fun on second life. Second life was a great experience for me and I don't think I will have a chance to do it again in school but for while it lasted I had a good time. Learning global science in second life helped a lot because we got to make things that we need to learn and also we got to have our first field trip in second life where we got to experience different things in a virtual world. And yes, I would in fact recommend learning science in second life to other students because it is a lot of fun and also it keeps you interested in your work which is normally very hard for me to do, except for in this class.

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[HSGC] Science Final 

One thing that I want to say about learning global science through second life and using it for our final project IT WAS REALLY FUN!!!! I enjoyed building a solar/ hybrid car for my project I enjoyed making a billboard.. I would recommend this style of learning for any subject because it keeps us (students) pushing because we are using a game for learning and a computer for learning.

[HSGC] Science in Second Life Students Investigate Fossil Fuels 

Our student scientists never take a break! Recently, they have been spotted exploring a coal mine, measuring levels of water pollution, interviewing researchers, investigating the effects of oil spills and taking samples of arctic greenhouse gases.

In Brooklyn? Of course! Check it out!

Science in Second Life Students Visit Italy! 

The SiSL students have been BUSY. After learning about sustainability in their own homes, they've virtually traveled abroad - researching current real life Solid Waste problems in Naples, Italy.
Students explored an interactive version of Naples, Italy - Second Life style! Like real researchers, they interviewed different citizens to understand all sides of the issue. Students also interacted with various objects and viewed rich media to further understand the dynamics behind a very serious problem. They even participated in a dump survey, designed to simulate an actual scientific garbage study.
.. and all this from their classroom in Brooklyn! Check it out!

[HSGC]warm up 

i would use qualitative and quantitate data to share with other scientist.


The way i like to share my work is by presenting my work. The reason why i do it this way is; better explains my perspective on the topic i am talking about.