Science in Second Life

{HSGC} sharing evidence in SISL 

the way i would share my evidance is to presentate my final project and after i present my final project then tey would know m evidence

{HSGC}info spread 

I can post my evidence on blogs where many people can see it. They can tell me feed back as to if my evidence is correct or not.

[HSGC] conclusions 

I would share my conclusions by comparing the advantages and disadvantages. I would do this because it is easier then reading a whole long paragraph and it gives people a better understanding of what your talking about.

[HSGC]sharing evidence 

I would share my evidence with others in teaching them what i learned.I am choosing this method to share my information with others because it would be easier and might be clear to them if i thought them what i learned rather than them finding the answers for themselves.


i will show everyone how i got my answer and what website i got it from that's a way i can share my information. i pick this one so everyone will understand where I'm coming for.

[HSGC}Sharing my evidnce 

If I was a scientist I would share my evidence with others by creating a chart, and by saying a brief description of it. I would share this way because it seems easier to me and it would probably be easier for others to understand as well.

[HSGC]sharing evidence 

i am sharing my evidence with others by explaining it and presenting it with pictures and statistics. i am going to do it this way because it is easier to follow and understand my presentation if i had pictures.

[HSGC] Sharing information 

The ways that I will share my evidence with classmates (others) is by asking questions to see if the have heard of the topic and what info.. do they know on the topic if in that case they don't know allot on the topic I will give them a summery on the topic. The reason that I choose to share my info.. this way is because my classmates will interact and be apart of my presentation and the will also share their knowledge with me and every one in this class

[HSGC] scientist conclusion 


{HSGC}Sharing Evidence 

Some ways that we share our evidence in school is by doing experiments. I'm gonna do it on a big piece of paper so that everyone can see it and understand what I am doing or displaying to them.