Science in Second Life


i can lower my heating bill by using passive solar heating in the winter to complement its regular heating system.

[HSCG] question for final project 

My question is about wind so my conclusion is that:wind is the most cleanest,most sustainable ways to generate electricity. Wind electricity come from renewable resources this means that wind is never gone. Wind electricity is very useful. So we have to keep the air clean.huh.gif


One conclusion that I believe if you build a green house it will save lots of energy like glazing windows or solar panels.

[HSGC] save energy in your home 

One conclusion that i believe to be true is that you can use solar power energy to save energy in your home.

[HSGC] Windmills 

Windmills are expensive and noisy. It runes on wind which is a renewable source of energy. windmills are sustainable. and is a great way to make electricity rather then burning coal which is bad for the earth because the gases released contribute.


for my final project one conclusion i believe to be true about the question, What are ways to use less gasoline? Is that we can use other resources that is less harmful to the environment and it is a natural resource.

{HSGC} questions for final project 

the one thing i think is true about our project is that windmills are a source of renewable energy

[HSGC]My potential final project conclusion 

One conclusion that I believe to be true for my final project question which is why are farmers growing corn instead of wheat and what does this have to do with renewable energy and sustainability? is that I think that farmers are now growing corn more than wheat now because corn just like many other crops are now very hard to grow because of all the diseases and toxins in the earth but they are also a good crop to grow because they are probably easy to grow in good soil.


The question that I picked was oil and gas prices have gone up a lot recently. What are ways to use less gasoline? I chose this question because this problem is affecting everyone. Many people are not traveling as much because the prices are going up.


The two questions are, how can I build a house that saves the most energy? and what are photovoltaic solar cells and how can they help sustainability? I chose these two questions because those seemed like the most interesting ones, and the second question looked very challenging. I found out that you can use solar power houses to save a lot of energy.