Science in Second Life

{HSGC} What Did I Learn??? 

I chose the question "How can i use passive solar energy to lower my heating bills" because i seemed interesting and i would be nice to help the family with some of the bills.



[HSCG] question you chose 

I chose two questions. The first question that I chose is:How can the wind be returned into electricity and how does that help sustainability? The reason why I chose this question is because I already know something about wind and I like to know more about it, wind is very useful and is renewable because is never one.

HSGC] Windmill 

i chose a wind mill. I want to show how wind can help make electricity. sum:the wind blows the petals and energy goes trough cords.I dont know exactly the full process thats why i ant to do this project to find out more about how it works.

[HSGC] The question i chose 

The questions i chose was how can i build a house that saves most energy and how can the wind be turned into electricity and how does that help sustainability. I chose these topics because they would be interesting to work on and because it deals with the things that we learned already.

[HSGC]my questions 

THe 2 questions i chose were what are greenhouse gases and explain why thet are harmful and suggest solutions. And the next question was what are hybrid cars, how do they work, how do they increase sustainability?
i chose them because they will be interesting topics to look up.


i have chosen what are ways to use less gasoline because of high oil and gas prices. i chose this one because i have a car and my mother is always talking about how gas prices are so much so i want to know what are ways to use less gasoline. i think to use less gasoline you can ride bikes or take the train.


One question i have chosen for m project is How can i build a house that saves the most energy?Because I'm intersted in knowing how can i save money,ecspaillcy now.glazing windows saves you money .It keeps the heat in the house.


The questions i have chosen to research is 1)what are photovolatic solar cells and how can they help sustainability? 2)oil and gas prices have gone up a lot recently.what are ways to use less gasoline? i chose these questions because i think these are good questions people need to know, and the answer can change people point of view. A piece of evidence i found on my topic was that you can find different resources that is less harmful to the environment rather than things that harm the environment.


The questions i chose were: what are Hybrid cars? how do they work? how do they increase sustainability? what are ways to use less gas? how can wind be turned into electricity? The reason why i chose these because they sound interesting.