Science in Second Life


One thing we learned in science class is cells. Cells are the basic unit of life and are composed of different things that run your body.
We learned that a egg is the largest cell that you can actually see with your eyes. Though some cells you will need a microscope to see them.
Before we did our experiments we learned the correct process to structure it. Like the research , materials , hypothesis , the steps and ect.

[HSGC] Manipulated,responding,and controlled variable 

In this we learned about the three main components that make up an experiment.
Manipulated variable is what changes in an experiment.
Responding variable is what happens in the experiment
controlled variable is what stays the same through out the experiment

[HSGC] Following Directions 

In the beginning of the school year, we learned to follow directions before getting to do labs and projects.To make this lesson more fun, we did an example with following directions by trying to instruct our teacher to make a peanut butter jelly sandwich using only our directions.ITS PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME!!!


It took a while before she could finally get it right. But overall it was an interesting experiment. We had fun and william enjoyed a little snack once we were finished making our sandwiches. Some other topics that we went over were Cellular Respiration, Photosynthesis, Carrying Capacity, and Thermodynamics. Honestly, out of all of these topics, i think that following directions were the yummiest...oops i mean the best lessons taught all yearbiggrin.gif

[HSGC] enviroment 

The five things that i learned last semester is 1) pollution and how it affects the world,people,food,and etc. 2) carrying capacity how the world would run out of resources if the world population grew. 3) osmosis in which water moves from a hypotonic to a hypertonic. 4) inference and observation 5) graphs linear exponential and s-curve. biggrin.gifcool.gif

[HSGC] skills in science 

5 topics that I was taught in the first half of the year was .... 1:The process of cellular respiration 2: When we followed directions taking the test that we had to only write my(our) names if we read all the directions carefully 3: The affect of the population growth and the amount of food that we have on the earth and to add to that was the amount of land we have to live on and the amount of land we have to grow food 4:We also did the food chain we ha to know what the arrows in the food chain represents which way the energy is flowing 5: we also learned the density of water and what floats and sinks density of water is 1.0g\cm3

[SiSL] The First Day of Science in Second Life 

Today was an exciting day for Global Kids' Online Leadership Program. We identify as an after school program. But today we launched our first classroom-based program, a semester long, 100+ session Global Science course at the High School for Global Citizenship (funded by the Motorola Foundation). Why is the OLP involved? The course will use the virtual world of Second Life to teach the curriculum.

All considered, things went very well. Below are my random notes from the day.

The 20 new Macbooks are beautiful and well secured by four locks.

However, as prepared as we were, I forgot that new Macs arrive sans dongle for connecting them to the projector. Oops! Instead we used a PC to project on the screen.

When students entered we already had Joyce up on Skype, speaking from her home in Mass. It was fascinating to see the teens avoid her. A few mentioned, half joking, that they were scared of her, this disembodied talking head on a desk.